Apple Pie. Genius.

I'm tellin' ya. Whoever came up with that idea was a genius. It's been around awhile, like, a few thousand years, but it never gets old.
It's my son's favorite dessert, and my mother-in-law relinquished apple pie duties to me years ago after my father-in-law declared mine "better". I think it had to do with how thinly I sliced the apples, nothing more.
I remember calling my grandma for her recipe soon after I got married, and I still have the little piece of paper I jotted it down on in my recipe box. I asked her what kind of apples to use, and she was a little non-committal when she said "oh, I guess red delicious". I think she used whatever apples were available at the time. My apples of choice for an apple pie are golden delicious and granny smith (and I have probably doubled the amount of cinnamon she used), but the ingredient that cannot be forgotten is......butter. Just a few pats of it before you place the other crust on top. Nothing can ever go wrong when butter is involved. Here's my version of apple pie. Ok, I'll call this my official "Adams Apple Pie" recipe:
· 2 Refrigerated Pie Crusts
· About 10-11 apples (5 Granny Smith & 5 Goldens)
· 9 inch regular pie plate, or I like to use a cast iron skillet
· 1 cup white granulated sugar
· 5 rounded tablespoons all purpose flour (about ½ cup)
· 2 tsp. ground cinnamon (or to your taste)
· 2 tbsp butter
· egg whites
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Place crust in pie plate. Peel, core, and THINLY slice apples into a bowl. Mix sugar, flour, and cinnamon together. Pour over apples and mix. Pour apples into pie crust, top with pats of butter, and place the other crust over the top. Crimp edges, and use a knife to cut vent holes in top crust. Brush top crust with egg whites, sprinkle with cinnamon/sugar mix, and bake for about an hour or until apples are easily pierced with a knife. Be sure to place foil or a cookie sheet under the pie as it will bubble out into the oven.
So there ya' go. I think you can figure out what to do from there. And for goodness sake, get some vanilla ice cream.